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Trifecta: used to describe a situation when three elements come together at the same time.”

Wow!  Talk about “All things working together for good”

or  “The Universe having my back”

or  “The Third Universal Truth: Everything is Connected”.

However you want to view it, I had a Trifecta Moment the other day when 3 separate areas of my self-growth all came together, overlapped and gave me a clearer understanding of how each is interlaced in my life.

Let me explain;

Building an online business requires becoming someone I’ve never been before so that I can do/have something I’ve never done/had before.  In other words; what got me here, won’t get me to where I’d like to be.  So every day I strive to upgrade my life in the areas of Health, Skillsets, and Self-Awareness.


In the last 4 months or so I’ve been experimenting with a Ketogenic diet.  The ketogenic diet is a high-fat, adequate-protein, low-carbohydrate diet that forces the body to burn fats rather than carbohydrates.  Each of our bodies react to certain foods (even “healthy” foods) differently. When the body is sensitive to a certain food, it triggers an inflammatory response which cause all sorts of seen and unseen physiological consequences, one of which is a significant rise in heart rate.  Of course someone has developed an App for monitoring this;  I take a heart-rate before eating, enter what food I’ve eaten, and log my heart rate at 30 minute intervals for the next 90 minutes to measure the HEART RATE VARIABLE (HRV). The app will then alert me to apparent food sensitivities.

It’s a pain in the ass and every morning the app sends me an annoying alert “Time for your HRV Training”. But I also find it sort of fascinating.


Meanwhile, I’ve developed an addiction to Ted Talks in the same way people get addicted to Game of Thrones.  As I was binge watching Ted talks on YouTube, I came across one by Dr Alan Watkins titled, “Being Brilliant Every Single Day”.  Dr Watkins explained that feeling and emotion are two different things. Emotion is simply Energy in Motion, which causes us to Feel something.  In the case of an elevated, chaotic heart rate, that feeling is usually translated to fear, anxiety, or excitement.  If we want to become our best, brilliant self every single day and crush life every day we have to get to the bottom of our emotion.

If you look at a heart monitor you can see the spikes and valleys and how the measured beats vary.

So when a doctor comes up with 68 beats per minute, it’s really just an average and only part of the picture. When we are stressed or anxious or even excited our heart rate spikes. If you don’t believe me, strap on a heart rate monitor and have a friend give you simple math problems where you really have to think; like counting backwards by threes from 300. All the while your friend is going to try and distract you while you’re doing it. Your heart rate goes up, and the prefrontal lobe (the thinking part) in your brain shuts down. It’s like a DIY lobotomy. To gain control of your faculties and be brilliant every single day you’ve got to get control of your emotions and level out those spikes. And that brings me to meditation.


I used to think meditation was sort of woo-woo and spiritual and creepy. I  had almost the same opinion of yoga.

Oh how we fear what we don’t understand…

But building a successful online business is important to me and success leaves tracks. So I want to follow the tracks of others who’ve achieved what I want to achieve.  The conventional wisdom of successful entrepreneurship is that if you start your morning with specific habits of intention including movement, meditation, and usually some kind of journaling you will set yourself up for massive success the whole day.

But what also happens with meditation practice (not “meditation perfect”) is that you begin to develop an awareness around the things that trigger the chaotic metabolic response (aka; fear, anxiety, etc…) and you gain a greater sense of calm confidence.  Yoga just takes it one step further by involving the entire body. Yoga is a mind-body practice that combines physical poses, controlled breathing, and meditation or relaxation.

My trifecta?

While explaining to a friend how meditation can ease stress and anxiety, I realized how all these areas of my self development are intertwined.  It was definitely an ‘Aha!’ Moment.

The things is; when you strive to create something wonderful in one area of your life, all the other areas of your life are positively affected as well.

It’s a cascade of positivity and it really IS all connected!  AND the benefits of all that goodness will spill over to the lives of those closest to you as well.

It really is win-win.