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I know that skepticism is a huge blocker.

Forget about whether it’s too good to be true and start thinking about whether it’s true enough to be good!

Let me introduce you to Dan…

He has a message about the mindset of “If it’s too good to be true…”

Dan is an associate and mentor of mine within The SFM.  He is a ‘product of the product’ and his results are definitely what some would call “too good to be true”….
yet I know them to be absolutely true.

Dan works hard at his business with consistency, a right mindset, and a ‘whatever it takes’ attitude.

You could do the same…

Is this you?  Are you willing to change it?

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**Below is a Facebook post Dan shared just within our private community of like-minded people, all working toward our dreams.  He shared it to encourage those who are new to marketing and still finding their voice.


**You need to know that individual results vary… depending on your amount of time, effort, marketing budget, how well you follow directions, how consistent you are with your efforts, how well you deliver your marketing message, etc…. Dan is exceptional.
But it shows what’s possible.

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