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When You Understand This, Your Whole Life Will Change! Listen Closely!

“We don’t get what we want, we get what we have to have.” ~ Tony Robbins

We live the life that we’re willing to tolerate. Then the second that we decide we’re no longer willing to tolerate the shit, that’s when things change. 

We all have a list of things that we should do. What changes people is when our shoulds become musts:

When something becomes a must, we have no choice but to walk down that path. And when we have no choice, when we step into a place of “whatever it takes”, that’s when we find the motivation to stop at nothing until we achieve our goals.

Stop procrastinating. Do it now. Do the things that you want to be doing. 

Stop tolerating a life that you don’t really wanna be living. Decide that you’re no longer willing to settle for just existing, and start believing that you have what it takes to start living. 

Take that first step.

Leave a Comment below and let me know what you’re no longer willing to tolerate 

We Always Have A Choice

When was the last time you heard somebody (maybe even yourself) say, “I have to. I don’t have a choice.”

 I know I have said it…. felt it.

Sometimes life can make us feel as though we’re trapped by our circumstances. But the truth is we always have a choice.

Victor Frankel, holocaust survivor, spoke of the terrible conditions at the concentration camp where he was tortured. But he recognized that while they could take away every humane choice, they could not take away from him the freedom to choose his thoughts.
We make choices every single day… Practically every moment of every day. We choose what time to get up in the morning, what time we have to leave to get to work on time, we even chose what job to take. Granted, sometimes we make a choice based on the consequences of its outcome. For example, we could choose to sleep in and ignore the alarm clock, but the consequence might mean being fired from the job. We could choose to leave the house a little bit later, or take a different route, or not go at all to work. But the consequence of each of those choices could, again mean losing the job completely.
Realizing that we’ve made her choices and are responsible for our current circumstances because of those choices along the way is actually quite empowering. If you take responsibility for your past choices, then you certainly can take responsibility for future choices.

And that could mean creating a whole new wonderful life for yourself.

Of course, Life may have dealt some of us a crappy hand.

You can’t control the cards you were dealt in this life. But you can control how you play them.

It’s about your perspective. The paradigm through which you view the world and its challenges. When we feel like we’re up against a brick wall, remember that the brick walls are not there to prevent you from achieving your dreams. Walls are there to teach you something and to offer this test:

How bad Do you want it? How hard are you willing to work? How much energy are you willing to expand to bust through that wall? Or to climb over it? Or to find a way around it?

In the academic world there’s a tradition called The Last Lecture in which a professor will address his students as though it were the last lecture he ever gives.
As you will hear in this video, Dr Randy Pausch gave his last lecture to students at the University where he taught. But it was more than an exercise in academic tradition. It was to be his last lecture and he knew it.

Take a listen to the much-abbreviated version of that lecture  as he shared on the Oprah Show……

Now ask yourself, What will you do with it?

Enjoy “The Secret” in it’s Entirety

Full-Length movie; The Secret:

Back in 2015, when I was feeling unfulfilled and frustrated in my corporate job, knowing there was something better ‘out there’ for me, a co-worker (who felt the same way) recommended the book, The Secret as an eye-opening and inspiring start to help me find what I want to do with my life.

I had heard of the book when it first came out in 2006.  Everyone was talking about it, including Oprah Winfrey but I had written it off as a hyped-up fad and rather ‘woo-woo’.

I was NOT into ‘woo-woo’!

But in 2015 I had a lot more life experience under my belt and I had a reason to be open to anything.  That, coupled with the enthusiasm and energy with which my co-worker spoke was enough to compel me to get the book AND watch the movie.

This movie and it’s corresponding book was the beginning of an on-going journey into self-discovery, self-expression and the beginning of my online business journey.  The “something better” had presented itself to me not long after watching this movie and I was open enough then to new opportunities to seize it and run with it.

And I haven’t looked back.

My wish for you is that you’ll see the possibilities for your life too and how you can take control, take over the steering wheel and point your life in the direction of your dreams.  What a ride!!

Grab some popcorn and enjoy the movie!!

The Secret Law Of Attraction FULL MOVIE MESSAGE ME FOR MORE INFO OR CALL ME @ +639273652491

After the movie, I would love to hear what you thought!  Do you believe in the Law of Attraction? Or do you feel it’s “woo-woo”?

Drop a comment in the comment box!


Because You Deserve The Truth: Straight Talk From Stuart Ross

I recently asked my subscribers what was going on in their lives that caused them to search out ways to start an online business.

While there were a variety of answers about why they are searching, an overwhelming number expressed concern for being scammed.

That’s understandable.  So was I when I first got started.

Here is a solution;  a FREE 30-day test drive of The Six Figure Mentors Student Membership.

And since you deserve straight talk without the hype, below is a video featuring Stuart Ross, Co-Founder of The SFM answering a question about what it takes to succeed with an online business.

There truly is no better time to start than right now.

Talk to you on the inside



Stay Inspired


Jillana Raye

How Can YOU Create A Life Of Freedom And Flexibility?

Imagine you could start a business that would work 24/7/365 whether you were at home, on a road trip, or on a tropical island….

You want Freedom, right?  What does that mean exactly?  

For me, freedom means having choices.  The choice to leave the country whenever, and for however long, I want.  It means being able to jump on a plane to visit family in other states, without having to ask permission from a boss or Corporate Administration. Freedom means having the time to pursue passions and interests, including philanthropic endeavors.

How are you going to get that kind of freedom?  Let’s seeee…..

Imagine again:  that you could start a business that would work 24/7/365 whether you were at home, on a road trip, or on a tropical island….

You know people are making money on the internet.  But how?  Where did they start?  Can anyone do it?  How did they find the time?  Were they already tech nerds before starting?

Did you think to yourself,  “I couldn’t do that.”?  

Really?  Why not?

If your first go-to answer is “I don’t know how”, let’s put that one to rest right now;

The education is available right here and right now with the Six Figure Mentors and it could be THE ticket to your freedom.

The SFM is a marketing system and training platform that prepares you for every aspect of online entrepreneurship from laying a solid foundation to gaining financial security and growth. SFM delivers world-class content taught by top business leaders to thousands of students around the globe. The system itself, as you will discover, is optimized to attract targeted prospects who are most likely interested in making more money, gaining more time freedom, and as a result of this, are willing to invest time, energy, effort, and money into their education.

It’s a linear path that allows you to focus on the tactics and strategies that will move your business forward as well as an entire community of like-minded individuals who lift each other up and hold each other accountable.  It’s one of our greatest assets.

With The SFM as your guide, you will learn how to use self-reliance, self-accountability, and self-determination to create the life you dream 

Still Skeptical?

I can appreciate that.  Don’t worry.  You can use the program, and glean everything you can, for 30 days and still cancel for a full refund, no questions asked.

I hope we’ve eliminated your reasons for not trying.  This is not your average ‘work from home’ opportunities.

See you on the inside!

Success Leaves Clues; 12 Paradigm Shifts For Success

Anybody can start a business.  But it’s the individual’s learned paradigms regarding life, responsibility, hard work, control, etc… and the result of those perceptions that cause that business to grow….. Or not.

More often than not, we have to un-learn our perceptions about money, wealth and success that society has drilled into us from an early age.  In order to un-learn any certain paradigm, we need to replace it with a new one:  A paradigm shift.  Get this right, and you will be on your way to a successful online business.  And a successful business will lead to more money, time and freedom, which is the whole point, right?


Here are a few paradigms that are signposts (or “mind”posts) of successful entrepreneurs:


  • Debt perception:  They perceive debt as a useful tool that allows them to grow their business
  • Time perception: time is their most important asset.  Far more important than money
  • Education perception:  “The moment you stop learning is the moment you stop growing.”  Constant expansion of their knowledge and awareness is critical to their journey
  • Money perception:  Money is extremely abundant and it’s everywhere.  Money is a reflection of how many lives they’ve touched.  Money reflects the value they’ve created.
  • Their Primary Income Source:  They earn income via their business systems and investments
  • Primary Wealth Accelerator:  They make something from nothing. They give birth to assets and make them valuable to the marketplace.  Other times, they take existing assets and add value to them
  • Wealth perception:  Build a business system for cash flow and asset valuation
  • Wealth Equation:  Wealth = Net Profit + Asset Value
  • Strategy:  The more people they help, the richer they become in Time, Money, And Personal Fulfillment
  • Destination:  A lifetime passive income;  either through business or investments…or both
  • Responsibility and Control:  Belief that life is what you make it.  They know their financial plan is entirely their own responsibility and they choose how they will react to circumstances
  • Life Perception:  Their dreams are worth pursuing no matter how outlandish and they understand that it will take money to make some of those dreams a reality


These paradigms are what drives action and they are what formulate the successful entrepreneur’s lifestyle  

It isn’t for everyone but the question is:  Is it for YOU?

Here is a quick video by Entrepreneur Magazine about how to get into a Winner’s state of mind:

I believe that what sets the Six Figure Mentors apart from other business opportunities is the fact that they address the whole person.  Not only do they supply state of the art education and business model, but they approach entrepreneurship in a holistic way that is designed to facilitate each member’s mindset growth, as well as skillset development.

If it does interest you, you can get started here

See you on the other side!  😉


Permission To Dream

Let’s just start by giving you permission to dream again.

What is it that you used to dream about when you were 12 or 13 years old?

What did you want to do with your life back then? Spend some time thinking about that.  Write it down. If you’re worried about what others will say, don’t tell them.

Every great idea started in someone’s imagination.

Do you think Elon Musk was ever called a dreamer?  How about Henry Ford? Or Thomas Edison? The list could go on and on and on.
If you want to change your life you must first change yourself.
Start dreaming of who you need to become in order to make your dreams a reality.
  • A head full of fears has no space for dreams ~ Author Unknown

  • Surround yourself with people that reflect who you want to be and how you want to feel; energies are contagious. ~ Rachel Wolchin

  • Our fantasies are our realities in an excuse-free world. ~Jen Sincero

 Practical steps to get yourself dreaming again…

  1. Dream, visualize, meditateGrab a journal or notebook and pen and find a quiet peaceful place that makes you happy and relaxed where you will be undisturbed.
  2. Start writing down your thoughts, ideas, and dreams. Something wonderful happens when you write it down on paper.
  3. Think about some happy times in your life. Think about loved ones, favorite places you love to visit, anything that brings you joy. This practice will begin to free your mind and get the creative juices flowing.
  4. If you still need some inspiration, pick up a magazine or a book , or listen to a good podcast from someone that you respect and that inspires you.
  5. Take a walk.
  6. Listen to the podcast while taking a walk.
  7. Watch and inspiring movie.

Take some proactive steps to get yourself dreaming again. if you have faith in the process and faith in yourself, great things will emerge.

I totally believe in you!

The ‘Luck’ Myth: Just Keep Flipping…

The following writing is an adaptation from a segment of a book titled: Unscripted by MJ DeMarco.

Let’s do an experiment;  let’s test your luck.

In order to diffuse the myth that people who have achieved success are simply “lucky”, try this experiment:

Grab a coin and call a coin toss.  You toss the coin up in the air and it lands… on tails.  Did you call it correctly?  (be honest)  If so, think about your accurate prediction.  Would you now label yourself as “lucky”?  And if not, would you label yourself as “un-lucky”?

Probably not.  You know the probability;  you had a 50/50 chance of winning or losing.

Now let’s say that a correct call would win you $10k!  Suddenly the outcome might be considered luck simply because the attached outcome is significant.  And yet the odds… the mathematics never changed.  What did change?

Your perception!

This is the essence of probability.  When life’s chaos diffuses into outcomes, probability becomes clouded until superstitious explanations become ‘likely’.

Now let’s say you have 10 chances to call one coin flip correctly to win the $10k.  Would you keep flipping?  Or stop and reason, “mehh.. I’m just not lucky”.

Moving probability is about TRYING.

The likelihood of winning a coin toss is 50%.  But 10 flips of the coin to win only once moves the probability of winning to 99.4%.

That means that just because no one shared or commented on your amazing blog article that you wrote doesn’t mean the game is over.  Or just because you spent $2k on Facebook ads and have seen no ROI (yet) doesn’t mean you should stop.


Believing the myth that ‘successful people are lucky’ cripples your own power.  If you start believing it, you will create more excuses like, “why try?  I’m unlucky anyway…”

When that happens, probability fails to be moved and you will fail to be lucky.



There’s something about being part of a ‘Tribe’. To be part of a community of others who are on a similar journey as us. It makes us feel …. not alone.

Here on the Camino De Santiago de Compostela, there may be 10 to 15 km and maybe a couple hours between towns during which pilgrims walk alone or with their Camino partner. But as you walk through a town, whether a tiny pueblo or a large city like Burgos, when one pilgrim spots another (and you always can because of the large backpack with a conch shell attached, and trekking poles), you wave, smile, and shout ” Buen Camino!” as though old friends.

It doesn’t matter what country they may be from…. and they’re from all over the world, we are a ‘tribe’; all on the pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela.

It’s comforting.

When you are trying to build your online business, you may experience a loneliness. Even those closest to us often don’t understand our dreams and our need for autonomy through entrepreneurship. We need to know there are others on this journey. Not only to know we’re not crazy but also for support, mentorship, and even accountability.

There is power in a Tribe.

Within The Six Figure Mentors, there is an exclusive private community of like-minded individuals all working, sharing, encouraging, and mentoring one another. And there are people from all corners of the globe so no matter where you are, if you reach out for some advice or help or just encouragement, there’s always, always someone available, somewhere in the world who will respond.

I’ve never experienced anything like it.

I think I’ve always known, intellectually that people everywhere are all more alike than we are different. Being a part of the SFM Community and now walking the Camino, I’m experiencing and internalizing this truth every day.

It is priceless.

Whether you are a business owner or an aspiring entrepreneur, I encourage you to seek out your tribe.
And if you’re reading this, maybe you’ve found it!

Invest in yourself; check it out:

Start an Internet Business

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Lessons From The Camino: #1






I am somewhere in Northern Spain right now in an ‘albergue’, or hostel that caters to Pilgrims

who are making the journey by either foot, bicycle, or horseback to Santiago De Compostela. Some are on a spiritual journey, some for the adventure, many are in some kind of life transition and still others just need a break from the usual stresses of ‘regular’ life at home.

I am less than a week into this 40-day trek and already there are lessons to be learned.
Each day we wake up early, put our few items into our backpack, and start walking just before dawn to the next pueblo, or town. Usually, we arrive in the early afternoon to claim a bed in the albergue, shower, wash the clothes we’d been wearing and hang them to dry in the sun before finding some food and perhaps a glass of wine.

It feels good to have risen early and achieved the days task; walking to our destination so early with the remainder of the day to explore, rest, and journal.

Simple really. But something I will take home with me when I finish here.

It’s a no-brainer, I know. But there are so many distractions and ‘noise’ vying for our attention every day that sometimes we can feel like the only ‘end’ to the demands of our day is when our heads hit the pillow.

So…. in terms of your business, don’t spend the day wandering down various ‘trails’ never having a destination. Rather, look at your goals for the day; your ‘map’ and decide where and when you will stop for the day. Or at least at what time your day will end. And then… end it! Use the rest of your afternoon to nurture your relationships, play with the kids, or start that book you’ve been wanting to read.

Your life will be enriched.

Buen Camino!!

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